The Terahertz flagship will bring together focused European research and industry communities on THz science and technology that aim at developing revolutionising technologies for exploiting the unique properties of THz radiation and THz frequency signals, inherently addressing Smart Materials and Nanoscale Engineering challenges in the area of ICT and connected society. THz technologies are an example of a highly promising technology area that needs a very strong push by building close multidisciplinary collaborations and an academia-industry alliance for transferring these technologies from research laboratories to a wide range of commercial applications. Such an acceleration can only be achieved by aligning different tiers of the value chain in the THz science and technology, from materials and processes, components, devices, sub-systems and systems, to applications.

In particular, the flagship will work together with the European electronics community and optical community and build a new joint electronic-optical community, breaking the barriers of the two communities for achieving common goals in the THz science and technology. Driving the strategic alliances in different dimensions, i.e., research, industry and value chain towards European scientific excellence, the flagship will serve not only as a sustainable incubator for a new set of ICT technologies and applications, but also as a magnifier that continuously helps European industries, especially SMEs, to organically grow and expand in terms of both revenue and job opportunities at a global stage. Through directing science and technology towards a wide range of THz applications, the flagship targets to positively impact everyday life of European citizens and society in the digitalization, security, health, climate change and politics of space domains.